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    Wednesday 16 September 2009

    Day fifteen – The journey home

    Getting up at 7am, we checked out and took a taxi to the Kowloon Airport Express Station. The Airport is only 24mins away by train, costing less then €9. You can even use your octopus card to make the trip. Very handy for us we had some credit left on our cards that needed to be used.

    We were actually able to check into our flight at the train station, which itself is situated inside the Elements Shopping mall, the same place we took the bus to Shenzhen Airport. It’s great to know we don’t need to drag our bags onto the train. The next time we’ll see them should be in Dublin!

    We we couldn’t get two seats together; we were offered one upgrade for the 13 hour flight home. We declined, as we really wanted to sit close to each other. Thankfully at the airport they were able to allocate use emergency exit seating with at least two free rows in front of us. Perfect to stretch out and rest on the way home.
    As the flight had been delayed, we were given breakfast vouchers to pick up some food at the airport. We opted for the Burger King croissant and pancakes. Not very tasty, but filled us up.

    It’s great, Hong Kong Airport has free WIFI throughout! It’s allowed us to catch up with twitter in-between trying to spend the last of our cash.
    The service on the flight was the reverse of the coming over. We started with breakfast, both Vinnie and I had the Chinese option, noodles with Dim Sum, might have well have our last Chinese meal of the trip!

    Arriving into Heathrow at 5:30pm local time, we connected to our AerLingus flight at 8:10pm and arrived into Dublin around 9:30pm.

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