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    Friday 11 September 2009

    Day ten – Back to Hong Kong

    So the 5 days in Beijing are up, today we headed back to Hong Kong. Beijing is one very LARGE city and a city in transition. We certainly grew to like it and will be planning a trip back at some stage in the future to see just how the city develops. Until then we can’t wait to get back to Hong Kong and it’s more compact New York City feel and it’s HEAT!!!

    Our flight was actually cancelled, so we’d to wait an additional 90 mins for the next. The 3hour flight back to Shenzhen was followed by the Chinalink coach across the border, back to Hong Kong.
    As part of the swine flu precautions, an official came onto the coach and filmed everyone.

    Gathering it’s to prove we travelled and where we sat incase anyone later developed the flu. We arrived into the Elements Shopping Centre terminal around 8pm, some 9 hours after checking out of our Beijing Hotel. Picking up quick grocery shopping, we taxied back to the comforts of our apartment.

    Granted, a day was semi “wasted” by travelling like this mid way through our holidays, but it was worth it to see the capital of China and The Great Wall itself.

    The evening was spent having drinks over on Hong Kong Island and a club.

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