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    Tuesday 15 September 2009

    Day fourteen – The affects from Koppu

    What a night, the apartment shuck, but at 10am the warning signal was dropped back to a T3 and was downgraded to a tropical storm. The Typhoon had a named too – Koppu! Sweet!

    It’s our last full day in the city, so trying to take things easy we opted to take the midlevel escalators over on Hong Kong Island. Rather then having to walk up the hills around the small streets, you can take it easy and ride the mid level escalators that will take you the easy way up through the streets. Getting towards the top, we took a bus back down to the ferry port and traveled via Star Ferry to Hung Hom were we visited The whompai mall. Taking the MTR subway, we headed north to the New City Plaza mall with its 300+ stores.

    We got back to the apartment around 6pm after making a stop a Beard Papas. I adore those cream puffs. In the London store there are only two varieties, but here we managed get 7 totally different kinds from white peach to fresh mango. Heaven. We settle into a Golden Girls Marathon (we brought season 1 with us) before packing out suitcases. We popped out for a quick drink before bed.

    Thankfully we’d checked our email. Our 7:20am flight to London had been delayed at first by 3 hours then 4. This affects our connecting flight to London. Thankfully as we’ve a through ticket, Quantas would take responsibility for booking our connecting flight. So the plan is to leave the apartment around 8am for our 11:20am flight to London. Arrive into London around 5:30pm to connect with our 8pm flight to Dublin. If we miss the 8pm flight there is only one last flight home, if we miss that, we could be stranded in London overnight!

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